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For my blog post, I decided to choose the Willa Cather Archive. I found that there’s a lot of content on this website, especially in the scholarship section on the drop-down menu. In the section, “Bibliography of Willa Cather’s Reading”, there is a directory in which you can find all of Cather’s existing work, all listed alphabetically. I think that this is really great for whomever is searching for entries such as these. They are extremely accessible from this website and I feel as though if you searched for some of Willa Cather’s work on a search engine, you would probably be directed to this page.


I think the website is beautifully designed. From the moment the page loaded on my computer, I was captured by the layout of the website. As soon as it pops up, it gives you a short statement on what the website is about and what you can find on it, which is great for someone that is just stumbling onto the website. The menu features many sub-menus that will drop down when clicked on, giving you more information. You can even do a search on the website to immediately find whatever it is you’re looking for. I think that’s super useful and will especially appeal to whoever is on the website. The structure definitely makes it easy to use the website; nothing is hard to find because everything is kind of in your face (but at the same time, it isn’t). The website was recently updated in January of 2017, so it’s current. I attempted to go on the website on my smartphone, and even then it was accessible. There was a drop down bar in which all of the categories and sub categories were listed. The design is clear and the website is friendly for all users.


Now,  I don’t know who Willa Cather is (or I at least don’t recognize her), but it appears that others know who she is. The audience for this website is clearly for anyone that is interested in Willa Cather, her life, and her writings, because it seems as though her entire life is on this website. This website definitely addresses the needs of anyone interested in Willa Cather because they made the website very accessible, so anyone young or old can easily view the content on this website.


I think this website takes advantage of technology in our day and age. The difference between using the internet and using, say, a book to store all of this information is that more information can go on the internet. If someone tried to put all of this information in a book, the book would probably be about 4,000 pages (probably minimum). No one would want to read it because they wouldn’t be able to easily access the information they wanted at that moment in time; they’d have to search all throughout the book and that would be extremely tiresome. A film would not be able to capture all that this woman has done in her life, so that also would not be as effective. This archive being on the internet allows, as I’ve said all throughout this post, easy access to the information that you’re looking for.


The creators of this archive are plentiful: the main staff of this archive include Andrew Jewell, Emily J. Rau, Janis Stout, Melissa J. Homestead, Caterina Bernardini, Gabi Kirilloff, Jessica Tebo, Lori Nevole, Karin Dalziel, Jessica Dussault, Greg Tunink, Kari Ronning, Katherine Walter, and Brian Pytlik Zillig. There are literally so many contributors for this archive, but they all help contribute to its success. I know nothing about Willa Cather, but because of the stunning design and easy accessibility of this website, I kind of want to learn a thing or two about her.


Here’s the link to the website: http://cather.unl.edu/

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  1. Don’t forget to link to the individual pages that you discuss. Also, you need to at least begin an essay like this giving a brief overview of the aim/purpose of the site that you are reviewing, otherwise there isn’t a clear context for your analysis. And when you do reference it (the aim/purpose) make sure to paraphrase/quote it not just refer to the fact that it exists. Even within your discussion of the site’s content and digital media I have no real sense of what kind of materials are available on this site and whether it is using the technology appropriately. While you hit all the prompts, your analysis is somewhat vague and imprecise. If I didn’t already know what was on this site I would have difficulty determining its purpose, content, and function based on your review.


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